Business Services

  • NutriSolutions is fortunate to work with the industry leaders in health insurance who build custom plans that remove much of the waste and inefficiency from a typical, bloated policy. We’ve been able to save families nearly $1,000/month and many businesses up to 50% while providing a higher level of care.

  • NutraSolutions patients find the perfect combination of healthcare and health insurance. We review health insurance plans to look for opportunities to decrease the cost of insurance in combination with an NutraSolutions membership. Many times, we are able to help significantly reduce the cost of insurance plans for individuals and businesses, while improving the policy’s quality. We are happy to speak with anyone interested in talking about the benefits of an NutraSolutions membership along with a custom insurance plan.

  • NutriSolution gives companies access to an important competitive edge in business keeping their most valued resource their employees out of doctors waiting rooms for lengths on end. 
  • When your employees are healthy, absenteeism is reduced and they are able to achieve peak performance.  
  • Companies are able to attract and retain top talent by offering this extraordinary health care benefit.
  • Research shows there are over 28 million small businesses, most of which can’t afford to provide any healthcare benefits to their employees.
  • NutriSolution Direct Primary Care works with the small business community to provide a lower cost solution to satisfy their healthcare requirements.
  • NutriSolution accepts new patients 365 days per year.