Nutrisolutions is a professional organization dedicated to providing the Small Business owners with a Direct Primary Healthcare solution.  New healthcare laws to consumers improving their own health, Americans are on a mission to cut their healthcare costs without sacrificing care.
The Nutrisolutions model of personalized, preventive care with smaller practices allows the physician to take a more proactive rather than a reactive approach.  Nutrisolutions affiliated physicians have the time to focus on acute, chronic and preventive health issues, and this increased physician contact time results in improved outcomes for patients and ultimately lowers healthcare costs.
What’s more, Nutrisolutions patients can reach their doctors 24/7, have little or no waiting time in the office and can get same-day or next-day appointments. Such convenience leads to higher satisfaction.  
As America seeks real savings in its healthcare delivery model without sacrificing increased attention, patient screenings, favorable results and improved patient satisfaction.  Nutrisolutions primary care physicians could be the medicine we’re all looking for.  They will serve a maximum of 700 patients, providing them the time to give the healthcare that patients deserve.